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Thank you all for visiting the Cardiac Arrest webpage!! We are New, but Rapidly increasing guild. We accept anyone wanting to have a good time. We offer help to new players,and existing ones, we have a guild vault ( free to be used by all guild members by Ranks)
we also have a tabard!! we are a casual guild. We love to meet new palyers, Run Reg / Heroics Dungeons, and soon we will start raiding.

Our Styling in Rules:

1.) Play fair. 
2.) Be polite and respectful within and outside the guild.
3.) Contribute to the Guild.
4.) Do not abuse teammembers.
.) Respresent the Team.
6.) Don't mix Real life with the Game.
7.) keep the game fun.
8.) No Drama.
9.) have fun and make new friends.

The Guild Ranks:
We treak every one in this guild as a family member, and we are trying to keep it fair to alland our ranks don't have to do anything with being the GM best friend or the the leaders alts, everyone is and will go through it all.
New bloode: for all the new recruits, you will be there for a week or less according in how active you are, and for all toons that are inactive for more than 4 weeks.
Leveler: is for all toons alt and all level 1-79
Members: all toons level 80-85
Hero ready : is all toons or alts that just hit level 85 and need to be geared for Heroics and raids.
Surviver: all toons and Alts that love pvping, and yes you are welcome to raid and do heroics too.
Gladiator: are the PVP and arena leaders, they will plan pvp events for who is and are interested in pvping, and will help with any thing that comes to pvping, and how to be great at it.
Champions: are all the toons who love and enjoy raids and heroics.
Raid Advisorey: are the People who know all about gearing, running raids and heroics, and have or will help you have all the answers for your toon/alt to be ready for a great game.
Treasurey: is the person who is responseble about keeping the bank in order, selling all the old stuff and staking all the goodies for the guildies to help them a long the way in the game.
The Guild God: is the GM

The Guild Bank:
The bank is for the guild, so be sure to donate as you go, it is open by rank, we think it is fair to keep it this way, Guild repair is not open at tis moment, but it is and will be for guild raids and heroics till we get a good a mount in the bank that will handle everyone. the more you donate the more the guild bank will help you as you level and as you move on.

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